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Figure 10-15.
Example of nuclear transfer in medaka. When a transgenic strain of orange-red variety (OR), OR-Tg(β-actin-GFP), was used as a donor (A, C) and a wild-type OR as a recipient (B), the method described here produced at a high rate nuclear transplants (D), most of which seemed like a clone originating from the donor nucleus, and carrying the donor marker gene (E). (A) OR-Tg(β-actin-GFP) (donor fish). (B) OR (recipient fish). (C) Primary culture cells from a caudal fin of the adult donor fish OR-Tg (β-actin-GFP). (D) A nuclear transplant exhibiting the donor marker, fluorescence of green fluorescent protein (GFP). (E) Genotyping PCR identifying the donor marker GFP. Scale bars, 5 mm in A, B, D; 50 μm in C. 3NT1-11: nuclear transplants. (Reproduced from Bubenshchikova et al., 2007, with permission of John Wiley & Sons, Inc.)