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Figure 10-8.
Pax6 expression and establishment of retinal compartments. (A, C, E) Pax6 expression and (B, D, F) corresponding regions of the computer graphics model plotted with the positions of prospective neural cells determined by time lapse analyses of single labeled cells. Broken lines surround cells of prospective retina (green). (A, B) At stage 16+ (22 hpf) when the retinal compartment was formed, Pax6 expression is first detected in a pair of lateral domains that include future lateral retinal cells, while prospective retinal cells (green) in the middle do not express Pax6 yet. (C–F) After stage 16++ (23 hpf), Pax6 is now strongly expressed in the entire prospective retina. Telencephalon (Tel, red); retina (Re, green); diencephalon (Di, black); mesencephalon (Mes, orange); rhombencephalon (Rho, blue); spinal cord (SC, white); epidermis (Epi, light blue); peripheral nervous system including placodes and neural crest (yellow); trunk mesoderm (pink). (Reproducted from Hirose et al., (2004) Development 131, 2553–2563, with permission of the Company of Biologists.)