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Figure 6-56.
In vivo images of transgenic medaka. (A) Transgenic strain expressing EGFP in osteoblasts and their progenitors under the control of the medaka twist promoter. (B) Transgenic strain expressing DsRed in mature osteoblasts under the control of the medaka osteocalcin promoter. cl, cleithrum, ct, centrum; dt, dentary; e, eye; eo, exoccipital; fra, fin ray of anal fin; frc, fin ray of caudal fin; frd, fin ray of dorsal fin; frp, fin ray of pectoral fin; ha, hemal arch; na, neural arch; op, opercle; ps, parasphenoid; rb, rib; sk, skull; v, vertebrae. Scale bars, 1 mm. (Inohaya et al., 2007. Reproduced with permission of John Wiley & Sons, Inc.)