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Figure 6-50.
Anatomy of the adult medaka vertebral column. (A–D) Bony tissues are stained with alizarin red. (A) Lateral view of a portion of the vertebral column in the tail region. (B) Frontal view of a vertebra. (C) Magnified region of the image shown in A. (D) Lateral view of the intervertebral region. (E) Lateral view of isolated vacuolated tissue composed of notochordal cells. (F) Frontal view of the isolated ring-like structure. (G) Diagram of the vertebral column in teleosts. ct, centrum; ha, hemal arch; IVL, intervertebral ligament; na, neural arch; rg, ring-like structure; sd, spinal cord; vt, vacuolated tissue. Scale bar: (C, E) 200 μm (also applies to D and F). (Inohaya et al., 2007. Reproduced with permission of John Wiley & Sons, Inc.)