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Figure 5-30.
Gross morphology and histology of medaka kidney. (A) Gross morphology of pronephros at 3-dph (days-post hatching). Arrows, positions of the tubular segment; arrowheads, pronephric ducts. (B) Schematic illustration of the nephron structure of the left kidney in (A). The glomerulus is shown in green, the tubule in orange, and the duct in blue. (C) Gross morphology of a kidney from a 5-month-old adult. (D) Transverse section of a hatching larvae. Arrows, pronephric glomeruli; arrowheads, renal capsules. (E) Transverse section of a 5-month-old fish. White arrows, pronephric glomeruli; black arrow, dorsal aorta. (F) Transverse section of a 2-month-old fish. Arrowheads, mesonephric glomeruli. (G) Tubular segments in the mesonephros. Proximal (arrows) and distal (arrowhead) tubules can be distinguished by their lumen size. (H, I) Scanning electron micrographs of the lumen of the proximal (H) and distal tubules (I). (A, B, C) Ventral views. Scale bars, 100 μm in A; 2 mm in C; 50 μm in D ; 200 μm in E; 100 μm in F; 20 μm in G–I. (Mochizuki et al., 2005)