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Figure 5-15.
Schematic drawings of the innervation of the extraocular muscles by the oculomotor, trochlear, and abducens nerves in dorsal view (A), ventral view (B), and right lateral view (C). The oculomotor nerve (red), trochlear nerve (blue), abducens nerve (green), superior oblique muscle (cyan), superior rectus muscle (pink), medial rectus muscle (yellow), lateral rectus muscle (light green), inferior oblique muscle (violet), and inferior rectus muscle (orange) are depicted. CC, corpus cerebelli; cho, optic chiasma; H, hypophysis ; LE, left eye; LI, inferior lobe; nⅢ, oculomotor nerve; nⅣ, trochlear nerve; nⅥ, abducens nerve; OI, inferior oblique muscle; OS, superior oblique muscle; P, palatine; RE, right eye; RH, rhombencephalon; RI, inferior rectus muscle; RL, lateral rectus muscle; RM, medial rectus muscle; RS, superior rectus muscle; TE, telencephalon; TO, optic tectum.