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Figure 4-1.
Procedure for preparing adult medaka for shipping.
Prepare two plastic bags. About the size of 50 cm × 35 cm may be appropriate for 4 adult fish. Choose bags thick enough to avoid tearing. Fold the bottom corners twice (A) and tie them with rubber bands (B). This prevents fish from being trapped at the corner of the bag. Fill the bag up to 1/3 full with system water (approximately 2 L) put adult fish (4) (C). Remove air from the bag (D). Fill up the remaining 2/3 of the bag with oxygen (E and F), and immediately tie off the bag with a rubber band(s) (G and H). Put the tied bag inside another plastic bag and tie off the bag outside (I). Put the doubled bag with fish inside into a styrofoam box (the volume of 10 L may be appropriate) (J). Lid and seal the styrofoam box. Put the box into the matching cardboard box.