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Figure 2-25.
Brine shrimp preparation (hatching step). A 3-L preparation is shown here. Use 2% saltwater in hatchery (Step 2); after salt is dissolved, add brine shrimp eggs (Step 4). Brine shrimp hatch the next day (Step 6)). After stopping aeration and waiting for 10 minutes (Step, 7–8), the hatched larvae (orange) slowly sink, while egg shells (dark brown) float to the surface, and unhatched eggs (dark brown) go to the bottom. Drain off the lower layer to a beaker (500–1000 mL) from bottom spigot. The right panel (Option) shows the optional short-term storage of hatched shrimp. The shrimp can be stored alive for several hours by suspending in 2% saltwater with aeration.